Boutique of Blessings

Who We Are

As all of our ministries, our clothing boutique also started out with meager beginnings. When we started 'client choice' in the pantry and moved registration for the pantry to the church's under-croft we set aside a table where our guests could bring in gently used clothing so others could take them as needed.

As more and more clothing appeared, two parishioners, Nancy Little and Jean McGrady took it upon themselves to organize and setup the clothing prior to each distribution. As the amount of clothing kept increasing and outgrowing the table, they purchased clothing racks and enlisted the help of other volunteers. This has now grown to become its own ministry with volunteers sorting through donations, hanging seasonal clothing on racks by type and gender, and helping our guests 'shop' for items in our boutique. All clothing received is donated and no fee is ever charged.

Our current system allows our guests to pick a quantity of items depending on their family size. Guests are given a family size ticket at the registration desk that tells our clothing volunteers what size family they are shopping for. In 2019 we had 27 clothing volunteers and we gave away over 6,000 items of clothing.

We are extremely grateful for all the Clothing Boutique volunteers and parishioners who regularly support these efforts. The constant flow of gently used clothing has allowed us to continue providing this service. We are also extremely thankful for the efforts of all those folks in our community that support us with their time as well as monetary donations.