Clothing Boutique Opportunities


The following provides general descriptions of the numerous tasks that are required to make the food pantry operate smoothly and efficiently. Potential volunteers can browse them to see what is entailed in various aspects of the pantry, and to see where their talents and interests might fit in. Current volunteers can use them to refresh their memories of what the various jobs entail. 


Clothing items that are received are inspected, sorted, and hung on racks prior to the distributions. Clothing racks are setup and clothing is made available to guests during the grocery distributions. 3-6 people spend about 6 hours each per month prior to and during pantry distributions. 

Prior to a distribution, the clothing area is readied by inspecting clothing and other items for cleanliness and tears, etc., and discarding any unsuitable items. The clothing and other items are then sorted into several categories (men’s, women’s, or children’s) and hung on the appropriate racks or table. Items that there is no room for on the racks or tables are moved to the storage room for sorting and replenishment as space becomes available during the distribution. Unsuitable clothing or items are disposed of in the dumpster, and previously bagged suitable clothing is dropped off at a local charity.

A small table is setup for books, coloring books, crayons, and toys to occupy any guest children during the distribution.

During a distribution, The rolling walls are opened up. Ensure each person taking clothing has a "clothing" card from the registration desk. Help guests choose different quantities of clothing depending on the family size indicated on their "clothing" registration card. Help bag items for the guests and restock clothing as supplies and time allows.

After the distribution, the clothing racks, rolling walls, and tables are returned back where stored. Clothing is removed from tables, folded, and placed on the bottom of the rolling racks and the books, crayons and coloring books are put away.