General:   As an all volunteer organization we completely rely on the generous donations of time, food and money from people, organizations and business in our community. As this page is developed further we will be adding more detail about how you can help with each of those areas.

Time:  We do not have a set schedule for individual pantry volunteers. We just ask volunteers to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. So, for the 7 PM Friday distributions we ask that you arrive about by 6:45 PM, and for the 9 AM Saturday distributions we ask that you arrive by 8:45 AM. This allows a short time to familiarize new volunteers with the process and make sure everyone has any last minute instructions. If you would like to join us and our clients for the meal, show up about ½ hour early.

Depending on the ages of youth volunteers, they can either help escort our guests through the pantry or help wheel the carts to their cars. Our younger volunteers are always paired with an “adult” volunteer for safety reasons.

If a “group” (scouts, ball team, organization, etc) wants to help out, we have a coordinator for that. Her name is Debbie and she can be contacted at .

Further details of some of the efforts our volunteers do can be found in the Job Descriptions tab.

Groceries and Clothing:  We accept both groceries and gently used clothing donations at our pantry. These can be dropped off during any distribution. For a list of the distributions you can see the bottom of the Home Page or go to the Calendar tab. We will also accept groceries and clothing during the churches regular office hours. Please see the Church of Our Saviour's website for office hours..

All items of groceries are inspected for damage and expiration dates before being put on our shelves. Items of clothing are also inspected and sorted prior to being put on our racks. 

Monetary:  There are a couple of ways to donate to the pantry. The most straight forward way is to write us a check. We may setup a PayPal account in the near future and when that happens that option will be posted here. For now, a check made out to: "Church of Our Saviour" with a note in the memo line stating "for Food Pantry" will get the donation allocated to the purchase of food or the costs of picking up food. Since we are a 401C3 organization, all monetary contributions are tax deductible.

Annelle Delorme-Hagerman Food Pantry and the United Way: For those of you who make charitable donations through the United Way, did you know that you can designate all or some of your donation to go to an agency that you choose? We can receive donations through individuals’ payroll deductions through the United Way. Although we are in their database, the Fall River United Way is having trouble locating the ID number of our food pantry. Their office said the best thing to do is select the "designate my contribution" box and write "Annelle Hagerman Food Pantry" in the other box.  The United Way of Greater Attleboro/Taunton has our Account ID as: 41517.