For Our Volunteers


Record Keeping: 

We keep certain records that allow us to report to the Greater Boston Food Bank, and apply for monetary grants. These include: client information for USDA food eligibility; food received amounts and sources; and volunteer hours.

Client information – each guest who receives food must sign a form monthly, self declaring that they are eligible. This is usually done at the registration table prior to going to the pantry to receive food. For our guests who also volunteer we have a sign-in sheet at the pantry for them to sign if they take their food for the month.

 Food received – There is an Incoming Food log-in sheet at the pantry that should be filled out whenever food is received. It has spaces to identify the source of the food (business, organization, or individual) and how many pounds, cases or bags were received. This also allows us to send a “thank you” acknowledgement to the donor.

 Volunteer Hours – we try to keep track of the amount and type of volunteer work that is accomplished at our pantry. This is valuable when we apply for grant money. We ask all volunteers to provide their name, the amount of hours the work, and the type of work they did. (Type would include: stock, distribute, pickup food, register, etc)


“Suggestions” for Volunteers: 

In order to be consistent in how we treat each other and our guests, we offer these "suggestions".