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General: This effort started as an informal ministry and has become a major part of our food pantry effort. Although no formal requests for clothing are made, any clothing items that are received are inspected, sorted, and made available to guests during the grocery distributions.

Acquiring Clothing 

Personnel required:  1 person about 3 hours per month

  • Bring clothing from the office area to the undercroft clothing storage area.
  • Pickup clothing if prior arrangements have been made.
Narrative:  As noted above, no formal requests for clothing are made. However, there is a steady stream of used clothing that is donated to the pantry. In some cases the pantry is contacted, and arrangements are then made to pick up the items. In other cases items are dropped off when the office is open. In these cases the clothing needs to be brought down to the undercroft.

Sorting and Organizing Clothing 

Personnel required:  2 people, about 6 hours per month

  • Co-ordinator schedule volunteers to sort and stock when clothing items are received.
  • About 2-3 days prior to a distribution, the clothing distribution area is readied by moving the furniture to the opposite side of the room, the cloths racks and rolling walls are brought from the back of the undercroft, and two large tables are set up for pants and small clothing items (overflow from the racks).
  • Empty hangers are removed from the racks and clothing that has been left on the racks after several distributions are bagged for drop off at local clothing bins.
  • Clothing and other items are inspected, for cleanliness and tears, etc.  Any unsuitable clothing is discarded.
  • The clothing and other items are then sorted into several categories (men’s, women’s, or children’s) and hung on the appropriate racks or table. Other items are placed on the small rack or coffee table. Empty plastic bags are placed under the tables for use by the guests.
  • Items that there is no room for on the racks or tables are moved to the nursery room for sorting and replenishment as space becomes available during the distribution.
  • The rolling walls are then placed in front of the clothing until the distribution starts.
  • A small table is setup for coloring books, crayons, and toys to occupy any guest children during the distribution.
  • Finally, unsuitable clothing or items are disposed of in the dumpster, and previously bagged suitable clothing is dropped off at a local charity receptacle.
Narrative:  none required

Setting Up Clothing at the Distribution 

 Personnel required:  2 people; 2 hours each per month

  • Ensure clothing is ready for the distribution.
  • Bring clothing and barriers from the rear of the undercroft to the side exit area (if not already done).
  • Setup the clothing racks and tables and close off the area with the barriers.
Narrative:  none required

Distributing Clothing 

 Personnel required:  1-2 people; 5 hours each month

    • Move the rolling walls to open up the clothing area.
    • Distribute clothing as families come into the clothing area.
    • Ensure each person taking clothing has a red "clothing" card from the registration desk.
    • Restock clothing as supplies and time allow.
Narrative:  Guests get to choose up to 5 items of clothing after they leave the registration table and are heading to the food pantry. They must show all cards received at the registration table prior to receiving clothing.

After the Distribution 

Personnel required:  2 people, ½  hour per month

  • Put clothing racks, rolling walls, tables back.
  • Clothing is removed from tables, folded, and placed on the bottom of the rolling racks.
  • The clothing racks, rolling walls, bags of clothing are returned back to the rear of the undercroft and stored neatly.
  • The crayons and coloring books are put away, and the tables are returned to the rear of the undercroft.
Narrative:  none required