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Acquiring Food

General:  About 70% of our food comes from the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). There are 4 regularly scheduled pick-ups at the GBFB satellite location in Bridgewater, MA (the first 4 Wednesdays of the month at Plymouth Transportation on Elm St). Food can be picked up at the GBFB Boston warehouse at other times by making an appointment. Three people per agency are authorized to order/pick-up food. These volunteers must go through a ½ day training course at the Boston location. Other volunteers can help pickup food at GBFB as long as someone with authorization is present (this is a loosely enforced "rule")

Bread products are also picked up at Camara's Bakery in Fall River the Friday morning before each distribution. Food donation pick-ups from organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals are arranged when we are contacted. Food is also purchased and picked-up from local stores as needed to compliment the food received from these other sources.

Ordering Food from From Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) 
Personnel required:  1 person; 3-4 hours per month

  • Co-ordinator checks the Food Pantry inventory to determine what specific foods are needed.
  • Ensure that food is ordered in time for each scheduled GBFB Bridgewater appointment.
  • Notify the ADHFP Pickup Coordinator of type and amount of food to be picked up so that appropriate transportation can be arranged.
    Narrative: Ordering is done on the GBFB online ordering system for up to about a week before the scheduled pickup. A login name and password is required to access the online ordering system.  A GBFB training course must be completed prior to receiving the login names and passwords.

    Food Pickup from Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) 
    Personnel required:  2-4 people; 7 hours each per month

    • Co-ordinator obtains order details from the ADHFP Ordering coordinator.
    • Co-ordinator calls and schedules volunteers to help pick up food.
    • Pick up the ADHFP box truck at the church, load any cardboard boxes to be returned to the GBFB, and ensure there is enough gas in the truck.
    • Driver and helper proceed to appropriate location (Bridgewater or Boston) and pick up the food order.
    • Transport the food order to the pantry, helpers unload the food, inventory the food, and place refrigerated items in freezers and refrigerator as needed.
    • Park and lock the truck in the church parking lot.
      NarrativeCurrently an average of 1,500 to 2,200 pounds of food is picked up at each of the four scheduled GBFB Bridgewater pickups. The cases of food are loaded on the vehicles at Bridgewater by pallet jack, transported to the ADHFP, then unloaded using carriages or hand trucks at the ADHFP. At any given time the food pick-up personnel may need to lift and or move trays/cases between 10-50 pounds.

      Ordering Bread from From Camara's Bakery 
      Personnel required:  1 person; ½ hours each per month

      • Call Camara's Bakery the Thursday prior to the distribution and arrange for bread items pickup.
        Narrative: No narrative required.

        Picking up Bread from From Camara's Bakery 
        Personnel required:  1-2 people; 4 hours each per month

        • Pickup bread products at Camara's Bakery.
        • Deliver bread to the pantry Friday morning (if possible)
          Narrative: No narrative required.

          Picking up Food from From Supermarkets 
          Personnel required:  1 person, 3 hours per month

          • Check pantry inventory before each distribution and purchase any needed items.
            NarrativeBefore each distribution, our inventory is checked and items that are needed are identified. These items are then purchased at a local store and delivered to the pantry.

            Picking up Food from From Other Sources 
            Personnel required:  1 person, 2 hours per month

            • When contacted, schedule volunteers to pick up donated items.
              NarrativeOn occasion we are contacted that someone has a donation of food to be picked up or delivered. Arrangements are made to either pick up the food, or meet at the ADHFP to receive the donation.