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Job Descriptions

General Information: The following links will bring you to the descriptions we have developed for the numerous tasks that are helpful in making the food pantry operate smoothly and efficiently. Potential volunteers can browse them to see what is entailed in various aspects of the pantry, and to see where their talents and interests might fit in. Current volunteers can use them to refresh their memories of what the various jobs entail. Additional job descriptions will be added as time permits.

Acquiring Food - We have 4 regularly scheduled pick-ups at the GBFB satellite location in Bridgewater, MA. Food can be picked up at the GBFB Boston warehouse at other times by making an appointment. Bread products are also picked up at Camara's Bakery in Fall River the Friday morning before each distribution. Food donation pick-ups from organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals are arranged when we are contacted. Food is also purchased and picked-up from local stores as needed to compliment the food received from these other sources.

Sorting & Stocking - Between the time that food is picked up and it is distributed, each item is checked to verify that it is not damaged and that it is not out of date. This process is also done with donated food received from other than GBFB or “Salvage” food received from GBFB. After items are checked the shelves are stocked, carts are readied, and the pantry cleaned.

Clothing - Clothing items that are received are inspected, sorted, and hung on racks prior to the distributions. Clothing racks are setup and clothing is made available to guests during the grocery distributions.

Registration - In order to obtain free USDA and MEFAP food from GBFB we are required to provide certain information to the GBFB about the quantity of food we distribute and certain demographic information about our clients. The information we collect for each household is: first name and birth date of each family member, household address, and a signature that declares that they meet USDA’s financial guidelines for accepting USDA food. Prior to going to the pantry to obtain groceries, each client registers at the food pantry's laptop computer. 

Pantry - Once registered at the food pantry laptop computer, clients cross the parking lot and enter the pantry through the side ramp door. They are met by a volunteer who escorts them through the pantry and helps them pick groceries from various sections of the pantry. Quantities allowed vary and depend on household size.When finished, other volunteers (as available) escort the clients to their cars and return the carts to the pantry.